Friday, 20 August 2010

Meet the stallholders...

Graham Hunter - StationerHave you always been a 'crafty' person - how did you start making things to sell?
I've always been interested in art - especially painting, but had never really considered making anything myself until fairly recently. I started making cards mainly as a hobby and as a lot of my friends were getting married and having children I gave them cards as gifts - which led to people wanting to buy them for themselves!

Tell us a bit about what you make...
I make various greeting cards and card accessories like gift tags and name cards etc. I also do wedding invites and stationery on a be-spoke basis. Everything I design and make is all done by hand using simple classic materials. I approach my crafting like a bit of a glorified artist really! I'd like to think that the person who receives one of my cards or invites would want to keep it a little longer on their shelf or mantlepiece that a normal store bought card!

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