Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Meet the stallholders...

Glenn Godden from Steampunk Glass

Have you always been a 'crafty' person, how did you start making things to sell?
I've always been a 'crafty' person, I used to do a lot of woodwork and guilding, but it wasn't until I found glass that I really found the medium that was 'the one' for me! It didn't take long before I had more beads and marbles than I could ever need, so I started offering a few to see if other people would be interested, and it snowballed from there!
Tell us a bit about what you make...
I use a process called 'lampworking' (also called flameworking) where I melt glass directly in a flame to shape it. Sometimes, for beads, the molten glass is wound onto a steel rod, but I prefer more free-hand work these days. That way I can make more organic shapes, such as my nebula pendants. I also make a lot of marbles which I love putting designs into. They can take anything from 35 minutes to an hour and half depending on how complex they are, and offers a unique challenge to pack as much detial into such a small area. Also I like the 3D quality, it really is a medium unlike any other that I've ever explored.

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