Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Meet the stallholders...

Rebecca Brumstead
Have you always been a 'crafty' person - how did you start making things to sell?
I have always been crafty since I was a child, my Mum used to make all sorts of things with me and at the age of 7 she taught me to knit and do cross stitch. Cross stitch was the main thing I did until 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter and I took up card making which I then sold to friends and family. But as the years went by I noticed that there were a lot of people that made their own cards so I decided to find another craft. So a couple of years ago I got into jewellery making. And then last year I really got into beading, another craft my Mum introduced me to! In fact it was because of Mum asking me to look for something on the internet for her that I found the baubles, fell in love with them and decided to give them a go. I decided to start selling just to get back a little bit of what I spend on supplies, and to give my partner's credit card a bit of a rest!
Tell us a bit about what you make...
Mainly I make beaded bauble covers, which are all different shapes and sizes. I also do hair clips, childrens bracelets, earrings, mobile phone/ bag charms and other Christmas decorations. I have lots of ideas so there may be other items on the day. This is the first time I have actually done anything to sell them other than to friends and family. I always try to find something that isn't often seen and am always willing to try new designs.

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