Saturday, 9 April 2011

Meet the stallholders Spring 2011...

Jacqui Rowing
In the last few years I have developed an interest in painting on wood. Its texture complements my designs which are often inspired by East Anglian flora and fauna. I hand paint my own designs on wooden items of various sizes, finishing each with a varnish to preserve the work.
Producing art on Birchwood lace bobbins is a new interest. Getting the requisite detail of a fruit, flower, bird or feather onto such a tinysurface is a very challenging proposition. I sell bobbins individually, in pairs or sets of four, usually according to a theme. I am always open to new subject ideas and commissions.
All my work is hand painted. I never use transfers etc. It therefore follows that everthing I make is unique. Even if I were to try to produce two truly identical designs there would be subtle differences between them. Very subtle perhaps, but present nevertheless.
I am also bringing along a selection of small paintings that I have done inspired by the local countryside especially the wildlife.
This year I am using my chocolate skills and making a selection of homemade chocolate Easter goodies. Chocolate cars and boats with little marzipan models. Hand decorated eggs and chocolate baskets filled with a selection of eggs. All the eggs are made using the finest milk and white chocolate. There will also be smaller items for sale such as novelty chocolate lollipops.

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