Monday, 21 March 2011

Meet the stallholders Spring 2011...

Vicky Poon from CHC by Little Paris
What will you be selling at the Spring Fayre?
I will be selling mobile pouches, drawstring pouches, passport holders and handbags.
What are your favourite materials to work with?
My favourite material is Japanese imported fabric.
What inspires your creations?
Sewing is something special and personal. Without care and love, you will never get the machine working properly, the stitches will never be neat and tidy. I love sewing and it reminds me the old Singer machine owned by my grandmother and the pajamas she made for me when I was a child. Although as a typical child, what you want is a pajama with cartoon printing, I never learnt how precious those handmade things are until I made my first bag. Being able to travel to Asia, this unique opportunity has opened my horizon to the amazing world of handcraft.

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